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The Israel-Arab conflict and Islam-facilitating powers

There is a lot of misinformation deliberately distributed on social networks by Arab accounts.
These videos explain the long conflict between Israel and the Arab world and the Palestinians in Gaza and the West bank.
It also explains which entities and NGOs (non government organizations) have been infiltrated by the Arabs and are helping their aspirations.

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History of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
The video was dubbed from "History on Maps" Youtube channel.
Muslims are looking to conquer the west. Israel is just the start.
What does the chant "from the river to the sea" mean?
Son of Hamas' founder explains who are Hamas and who is at fault in the situation in Gaza.
António Guterres, the UN general secretary gives his condolences to Ebrahim Raisi, Iran's president who died in the Helicopter crash. The same Raisi that is referred to as "The butcher from Tehran".

What's going on with Gaza?

What are the Palestinians' true intentions? The civilians as well as their government - the terror organization Hamas.

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One of Hamas' leaders says on TV after 7th of October massacre on Israelites, that they will do it again and again.
Palestinian mothers raise their kids to die as martyrs.
How are the deaths in Gaza being counted and reported to the media?
Civilians in Gaza celebrate during the October 7th 2023 messacare on Isralies and mass kidnapping of Israelies.
Hamas fires rockets at Israel from residential areas so that children will be used as human shields during the launch.
Hamas fires rockets at Israel while using children human shields.
25/May/2024 - Hamas punishes Gazan civilians for stealing aid. Their own civilians...

Palestinian fake propaganda

The Palestinians like to distribute fake videos to the media whenever they start a war with Israel.
Sometimes they use scripts and actors, sometimes dolls and makeup, and sometimes they use pictures and videos from other conflicts not related to Israel.
Those are meant for the west to see in order to pressure Israel into stopping their attack and allow Hamas to survive so it could re-arm and attack Israel again.
Here are some examples.

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Small girl getting prepared for shooting new propaganda video
Palestinian teenager fakes an injury to record a new propaganda video.
One of the Palestinian's most famous actor for fake propaganda.
Putting make-up on dolls is common practice in Gaza.
Not very good acting. But still, some of the media networks will broadcast it as real.
This woman forgot where exactly she got hit between takes...